End the year with the right cheer with these twenty festive cocktails that are worth the hangover!

20 Festive Cocktails To Celebrate New Year's Eve In Style

#1 - Champagne Sangria. A bright yellow champagne sangria with rosemary undertones that looks as good as it tastes (and will look stunning in all your drunken selfies).

Champagne Sangria

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://theblondcook.com/champagne-sangria/

#2 - The Dragonfly Cocktail. Gin, gin, hurray! For all the gin and tonic aficionados, the Dragonfly is an easy shake away from making this celebration a proper NYE party.

The Dragonfly Cocktail

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://www.greyisthenewblack.com/the-dragonfly-cocktail/

#3 - Orange & St Germaine Cocktail. This refreshing citrus and orange cocktail with bubbles is perfect to celebrate a fresh start and leave all the 2016 drama behind.

Orange & St Germaine Cocktail

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://www.whatshouldimakefor.com/sparkling-orange-and-st-germain-cocktail/

#4 - J. Crew Cocktail. Elegant yet simple, the J. Crew combines ginger, vodka and cranberries: the best bad decision you'll make this NYE.

J. Crew Cocktail

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://bookcooker.blogspot.com.au/2011/11/cocktail-hour-jcrew-cocktail.html

#5 - Cranberry Ginger Ale Punch. If the party fizzles, it's time for a fizzy favorite! Bring out a couple of batches of this bad boy to your NYE buffet and let it work it's magic.

Cranberry Ginger Ale Punch

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://www.sweetandsavorybyshinee.com/cranberry-ginger-ale-punch/

#6 - Bourbon Black Forest Cocktail. Chocolate and cherry make this stylish bourbon cocktail a deliciously sweet addition to your NYE booze list. Who needs dessert anyway?

Bourbon Black Forest Cocktail

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://www.littlesugarsnaps.com/2016/12/20/bourbon-black-forest-cocktail/

#7 - Spiced Cranberry Cider Cocktail. Why spend time making complicated cocktails when you're all going to get wasted anyway? Three ingredients is all you need for this cocktail, so you can spend more time partying!

Spiced Cranberry Cider Cocktail

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://growingupgabel.com/cranberry-cider-cocktail-recipe/

#8 - Versailles Cocktail. Luxurious, just like the French palace. A cocktail to help those of us who would much rather be celebrating in France, because one can dream, right?

Versailles Cocktail

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://www.isugarcoatit.com/2016/12/versailles-cocktail.html/

#9 - Sgroppino. A Venetian favorite, the Sgroppino is a concoction of sorbet, bubbles and vodka - so easy you'll be able to pull this off even if you've already had a few.


Image and recipe courtesy of: http://heinstirred.com/sgroppino/

#10 - Sour Henry Cocktail. I love myself a cola and amaretto sour! Pop a cherry on top and you've got yourself a drink even your father-in-law won't resist.

Sour Henry Cocktail

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://www.kleinworthco.com/2016/12/sour-henry-cocktail-recipe.html

#11 - Pear Ginger Vodka Cocktail. Just like a crisp pear cider, but a thousand times better (and boozier!). And it's low cal, so you can pretend to be following those new year's resolutions already!

Pear Ginger Vodka Cocktail

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://www.mamagourmand.com/pear-ginger-vodka-cocktail/

#12 - Cinnamon Apple Old Fashioned. Surprise your guests with this apple butter cocktail. If you NYE celebrations involve family, this cocktail will warm them right up.

Cinnamon Apple Old Fashioned

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://julieblanner.com/cinnamon-apple-old-fashion/

#13 - Chai Tea Spritzer. Not all holiday drinks need to be hot! This comforting chai spritzer has all the soothing qualities of hot tea, with extra added fun stuff!

Chai Tea Spritzer

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://www.oliveandartisan.com/chai-tea-spritzer/

#14 - Moscow Mule Martini. You can't spell fun without martini! A festive twist to a timeless cocktail that is strong and cool - just like your new 2017 self.

Moscow Mule Martini

Image and recipe courtesy of: https://www.foodfanatic.com/2016/12/moscow-mule-martini/

#15 - Pomegranate Apple Fizz. No NYE gathering is complete without a punch bowl. This fruity cocktail tastes amazing, but half the fun of it is seeing your guests fight over the last spoonful!

Pomegranate Apple Fizz

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://bygabriella.co/pomegranate-apple-fizz-cocktail-recipe/

#16 - Yuletide Moon Red Cocktail. Red wine lovers unite! The fun thing about this cocktail is that it looks just like red wine, so you can pretend to be a good girl and still get bourbon buzzed.

Yuletide Moon Red Cocktail

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://www.cottercrunch.com/yuletide-moon-holiday-cocktail/#mpprecipe-innerdiv

#17 - Pear Brandy Sidecar. Take time to smell the roses with this sweet, flowery cocktail! Strong enough to satisfy cocktail purists, yet sweet enough that even your grandma might sneak a sip.

Pear Brandy Sidecar

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://www.terminatetorkitchen.com/2016/11/brandy-pear-buckwheat-pound-cake-spiced.html

#18 - Holiday Kentucky Buck. I hope you've had time to recover from the Thanksgiving cranberry jelly overdose, because this sweet and tart cranberry cocktail will take you right back.

Holiday Kentucky Buck

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://www.pickledplum.com/holiday-kentucky-buck-recipe/

#19 - Spiced Whiskey Cobbler Cocktail. Fragrant, rich, strong and sweet - this Cobbler can satisfy both those looking for a a good kick and those who prefer something sweet. A crowd pleaser that will get the party going.

Spiced Whiskey Cobbler Cocktail

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://www.thelittleepicurean.com/2016/11/spiced-whiskey-cobbler-cocktail.html

#20 - Caramel Apple Sangria. You mean that I can have a sangria that is like eating caramel apples...without ruining my chompers!? Sweeeeeeet!

Caramel Apple Sangria

Image and recipe courtesy of: http://killingthyme.net/2016/11/25/caramel-apple-sangria/